Patrick Moorshead

EPL Coach Level: 4 – Attained notable accreditation, coached athletes to national standard – Completed 200HRS CPD

Since an early age, Patrick has been extremely passionate about the science behind training and nutrition and how this can be implemented to alter an individual’s strength, performance and physique. After finishing 6th form he completed a Diploma in Personal Training with the ambition to build a business utilising his enthusiasm for knowledge of all key aspects of strength and conditioning and nutrition. His aim is to educate and coach individuals to reach their true potential.

Before Patrick took his first step into the personal training world he knew he wanted to create something different. A place where people could achieve real results with an extremely high quality of service. Everyone is built biologically, physically and mentally different, meaning they require personalised training and plans in order to achieve their goals. Most people have at least one goal they may want to achieve, this could be becoming stronger, more conditioned, leaner or just a healthier version of themselves. Taking this into consideration Patrick dedicates all of his time and attention to evidence-based methods which are proven to provide genuine results and uses them to create a training programme and nutrition plan that is designed specifically for the individual. He also prides myself in offering a dedicated level of personal training to ensure the individual is given every opportunity to reach their goal.

Patrick strives to constantly improve his theoretical knowledge content by completing CPD courses and carrying out research within the twin fields of training and nutrition as the industry is forever growing and changing with innovative research. Whatever your goal is and wherever you are in your journey, he is here to support and motivate you in every step you take.


Qualifications Notable Accomplishments 
Premier Level 3 Personal Trainer Physique: Multiple body transformations
KBT Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Rugby: National south 2 strength and conditioning coach
KBT Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Weightlifters: Body weight cuts
KBT Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Powerlifters: World record holders body weight cut
MNU Nutrition Certification (pending) Rehabilitating people back from injuries
British Weightlifting Level 1
Kettle Bell Instructor

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