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EPL Coach Level: 4 – Attained notable industry accreditation, coached athletes to national standard – completed 200HRS CPD

Cameron participated in a variety of sports from a young age, and always enjoyed the training more than the sport.  This led him to research, learn and acquire qualifications to further his sporting knowledge, particularly in the field of strength and conditioning.

Cameron has worked with individuals and teams from many sports including skiing, rugby, triathlon, hockey, kayaking and weightlifting. He has trained people varying from the complete beginner to the national level athlete, and has experience of working with all age categories, from youth to masters.

Personally, Cameron competes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. He is nationally ranked in the top 10 for the 77kg and 85kg classes. Cameron has competed at the English Championships and qualified for the British Championships.

He believes that anyone can achieve elite performance. Cameron helps people to master the fundamentals, and tailors their training to take individual differences and imbalances into account. He thrives on seeing his athlete’s progress.

To begin with, Cameron arranges a consultation which allows him to assess your needs and design a plan specifically for you. During this consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask Cameron any questions you may have. Cameron’s approach to training is scientific, research and evidence based although he never forgets that the key to training is enjoyment. He ensures that you will see continued improvement and will have fun doing it!


Qualifications Notable Accomplishments 
KBT Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Youth GB skier
KBT Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Masters GB Kayaking
BWL Level 1 Coach Regional Junior and Masters Triathlon
BWL Level 2 Club Coach S+C Coach for Sixth Form Rugby
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Regional Junior Hockey
REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor International Level Masters Weightlifting
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer High Level Crossfit Athletes

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I came to Cameron as I wanted to lose fat and build muscle. He tailored a personal program for me to achieve this goal, whilst also massively improving my mobility in which there was a noticeable increase. There is a huge focus on the form of exercises to help your body get the most out of the exercise and prevent injuries. My form on certain movements quickly improved with my mobility and I noticed very large improvements straight away. For example my back squat increased from 70kg x 5 in the first week to 100kg x 3 in the sixth week. The high intensity conditioning pieces that were included lead to a visible reduction in my body fat, but also a dramatic improvement in my cardiovascular fitness, and I started to feel much healthier outside of the gym in normal life, and noticed that, as a diabetic, my blood sugars were generally running at a much lower and consistent level which couldn’t be a bad thing! I would recommend Cameron to anyone with any sort of fitness goal.

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I have done personal training with Cameron for two years, In that time not only has my body shape and fat percentage changed, but also my confidence and self-esteem.

The style of training provided is supportive, non-threatening yet challenging, making you comfortable in what can be quite a scary environment whilst having the skill to tailor training specifically for your age, body, and mindset and be able to push you just far enough.

I can highly recommend Cameron and his approach, which has helped me to achieve way beyond my expectations while knowing that there is still plenty more in the tank!

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I had accumulated a lot of injuries whilst playing sports which led to inactivity and muscle loss. I came to Cameron as I wanted to build muscle, improve my strength and rehab my injuries. After just 12 weeks of training, I put on 3kg and my strength has increased exponentially. I look better, feel better and best of all, I’m no longer injured. The attention to detail while performing the exercises correctly was very reassuring and created a comfortable environment while keeping me safe. I would recommend Cameron to anyone who wants to be in better shape in every regard.

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